About Us

Preserve & Protect

Lambton Shores Nature Trails was founded in October 2011 by a group of local nature and hiking enthusiasts. LSNT is a volunteer organization and is dedicated primarily to the development, upgrade & maintenance of trails in areas, not only of natural beauty, but also of great environmental significance. Constructive partnerships with conservation-minded landowners, supporters, donors and community groups has been instrumental in achieving results in the early years and has exceeded everyone's expectations. From the beginning, a key focus of LSNT's efforts was also to make residents, cottagers and visitors aware of the critical need to protect & preserve these local 'Gems of Nature' for generations to come.....the walkers, hikers, cyclists, horse-back riders & outdoor enthusiasts.....and for those committed to protecting & preserving our Natural Heritage.

Our Vision

A Network of connected, accessible, safe & user-friendly Nature Trails for Lambton Shores & Vicinity (LS&V).

Our Mission

To work constructively & cooperatively with conservation-minded landowners, local residents, local ,municipal council, nature & community groups, sponsors & donors, and other stake-holders to make Lambton Shores & Vicinity, with its truly special natural features. southwestern Ontario's foremost  'Destination for Nature Lovers' - be it hikers, canoeists, beach-bums, cross-country skiers, geo-cachers, fossil hunters, campers, 'green' developers, 'green' business proprietors. leaders of 'green' industries & institutions,  'green' professionals, 'green' families or other outdoor enthusiasts with a passion to protect & preserve our unique Natural Environment.

Our Goals

To first  & foremost protect & preserve our remaining 'Gems of Nature' in LS&V by providing environmentally responsible & free public access to these special places via safe Nature Trails.

​To encourage residents, cottagers & visitors of all ages to explore & appreciate our ‘Gems of Nature’ in every season.

To provide opportunities to learn more about our Carolinian Canada Flora & Fauna, the Importance of Biodiversity, the Nature-First Ethic, Conservation of Environmentally Significant Areas & Rare Eco-Systems.

To complement the work of the Stewards of the Land  & the Lambton County Regional Trail Committee (LCRTC)

To promote a more Physically Active & Healthy Lifestyle

To support Tourism and Business Development

To connect the Communities, Landowners, Business Leaders, & Residents of Lambton Shores

Trail Work Days

LSNT endeavours to partner with landowners and others to upgrade the Nature Trails in Lambton Shores & Vicinity's special areas, maintain the same, and build community & connector trails consisting of foot paths, hard- surface bike ways and/or canoe routes. To do so, we rely on the members of the 'LSNT Volunteer Pool' to come out and help on formally scheduled 'Trail Work Days' and periodically pitch in on informal tasks.

Board Meetings

Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the months of March, April, May, June, September, October. & November 7 to 9 PM at the Ausable Port Franks Optimist Hall, Port Franks Community Centre, 9997 Port Franks Road. The public is welcome to attend.

We are always looking for motivated individuals who want to help make the trails safe & enjoyable. There is lots to be done, not everything involves labour intensive work.

The Executive Committee

Klaus Keunecke

Co-Chair / Trail Infrastructure klauskgb@gmail.com

Ross Atkinson

Co-Chair / Webmaster


Marilyn Keunecke-Smith

Vice-Chair / Promotion & Publicity

Ed Hunter

Director-Port Franks


Linda Attard

Treasurer & Grants

Gerda Schrijver

Trail Maintenance

Lori Scott

Richard Weatherston

Director-Grand Bend

Doug Bonesteel

Director-Grand Bend​