o Acceptance of Minutes (June 7, 2018) & Adoption of Agenda (September 13, 2018) 

o Financial & Grants (Linda)

o Financial report and grant updates - Lake Smith donation, NextEra Energy grant, Vibrancy application

o Fundraising (Lorie, Marilyn & Linda)

o Network vendor show

o Fundraising leaves update

o Other ideas

o Trailhead garden

o Promotions & Publicity (Marilyn)

o Date for Fall Hike in Coordination with Optimists 'Tea Room' 

o Annual Movie, open to suggestions with an online vote, date and reserve theatre

o and tripadvisor

o Grand Bend & Area Chamber of Commerce Hiking Badge display

o GoDaddy Marketing Campaigns – help needed

o Trail Infrastructure

o Port Franks trailhead project update

o Finishing touches at Forest Trailhead 

o Ordering tree from ABCA 

o Closing of ATV access points in Port Franks update

o Wheelchair accessible platform in Port Franks

o Mystery Falls footbridge

o Closing of bunny trail(s) in Heritage Forest

o Trail Maintenance (Gerda)

o Fall trail work days

o Adopt a Road

o LSNT News & Updates:

o 2018 Optimist Art & Nature Cap update

o Hiking Badge Award update

o New website and eVote update – All in favour

o Numerous: Tamperproof screws, pamphlet/map holders, Forest whistle sign

o Other Matters & Round-Table Input (News Items, Concerns, Recommendations)

o Adjournment

Next Meeting: October 11, 2018