November 8 Agenda

Acceptance of Minutes & Adoption of Agenda

Financial & Grants

o Financial report and grant updates

o Perks for memberships


o Christmas Marketplace in the Port – Community Fundraiser – vendors, promotion, volunteers update

Promotions & Publicity

o Movie choices for annual event update

o General update – newspaper and newsletter

o 2018 Year In Review marketing campaign

o Dear Santa marketing campaign

Trail Infrastructure

o Port Franks trailhead landscaping update

o Working with municipality to create a portage along Huron Street in Port Franks

o Official proposal to municipality for lookout platform in Port Franks

Trail Maintenance

o  Mystery Falls west portion foliage clean up

LSNT News & Updates

o Oakridge Resort ownership change

o Trash article on website

o Walnut experiment under water, only going to apply husks in spring

o ~20 badges (10%) awarded

Other Matters & Round-Table Input