Trails and Birds

Lambton Shores Nature Trails maintains some of the environmentally most significant natural areas in Southwestern Ontario.  Located in Carolinian Canada, it is home to many birds including the migrating tundra swans who pass through in the early spring on their trek to the far north.

Two properties, L-Lake Conservation Area and the Ausable River Cut Conservation Area have been designated as Important Birding Areas (IBA) by IBA Canada.  Considering the natural habitat the trails go through and the proximately to lots of water, their is an abundance of birds along the trails.

Take a hike, bring binoculars or a camera, there's lots to see along the trails and enjoy the scenery!

Send Us Your Bird Pictures

Send us your photos of the birds you saw along the trails and we'll put them into a photo gallery here!

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Lots to See

During the recent Birdathon 2019, participants attended to Ipperwash Dunes & Swales property over a two-day period.

List of bird species observed:

  • Black-capped chickadee 
  • House wren 
  • Eastern phoebe 
  • Wood thrush 
  • American robin 
  • Veery 
  • Red-winged blackbird 
  • Grey catbird 
  • Common grackle 
  • Great-crested flycatcher 
  • Red-breasted nuthatch 
  • Eastern Towhee 
  • Common yellowthroat 
  • Sora 
  • Canada goose 
  • Black and white warbler 
  • Sandhill crane 
  • Black-throated green warbler 
  • Ruby-crowned kinglet 
  • American redstart 
  • Blue jay 
  • Tree swallow 
  • Yellow-rumped warbler 
  • Brown-headed cowbird 
  • Pine warbler 
  • Eastern kingbird 
  • Yellow-bellied sapsucker 
  • Song sparrow 
  • Magnolia warbler 
  • American goldfinch 
  • Yellow warbler 
  • Belted kingfisher 
  • Blackburnian warbler 
  • Northern cardinal 
  • Red-bellied woodpecker 
  • Mourning dove 
  • Northern waterthrush 
  • Mallard 
  • Merlin 
  • Green heron 
  • Cape May warbler 
  • Downy woodpecker 
  • Baltimore oriole 
  • Tennessee warbler 
  • Blue-grey gnatcatcher 
  • Warbling vireo 
  • Turkey vulture 
  • Carolina wren 
  • Pileated woodpecker 
  • Northern flicker 
  • Tufted titmouse 
  • Winter wren 
  • Bay-breasted warbler 
  • Red-eyed vireo 
  • Great blue heron 
  • Eastern wood pewee 
  • Wilson's warbler 
  • Northern harrier 
  • Ovenbird 
  • Least flycatcher 
  • Barn swallow 
  • Bank swallow 
  • American Crow 
  • Canada warbler 
  • Wood duck 
  • Purple martin 
  • White-throated sparrow 
  • Nashville warbler 
  • Northern parula 
  • Blackpoll warbler 
  • Black-throated blue warbler