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Art/Nature Youth Camp

Lambton Shores Nature Trails participated in the 2018 Ausable Port Franks Optimist Art/Nature Camp. The kids had an opportunity to climb the big sandhill, pitch tents, identify trees and learned about trail maps. We also visited the Ska-Nah-Doht Village and Museum at the Lower Thames Conservation Authority, Longwoods Road Conservation Area, learning about the Haudenosaunee - People of the Longhouse.

High School Hike

Lambton Shores Nature Trails recently hosted a day long hike with geography/travel & tourism students from North Lambton Secondary School. We hiked 13 kilometers on three trails: Nature Conservancy of Canada's Ipperwash Dunes & Swales, Lambton County's Heritage Forest and the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority's Mystery Falls. We would like to thank Darren Tichenoff for coordinating the class trip and our volunteer chaperones John, Marilyn, Ed, David and Ross.

The Pipe Ceremony

On a beautiful spring day, a small group of enthusiastic hikers made their way to Mystery Falls where local artist Jeffrey "Red Dog" George performed the traditional Pipe Ceremony. Thanks to Red for such an enlightening experience and “Building Bridges in our Communities”.

Long Start To The Journey

LSNT hosted its 2nd Annual Hiking Movie at the Kineto Theatre in Forest. The film was made on the beautiful Appalachian Trail, sharing the day after day thru-hiking experience on the trail. The film speaks deeply to the people who are closest to the trail and who know it best: the volunteers, hikers, and members of the Appalachian Trail community who have made the trail a part of their lives. The film also explores the rich history of the trail. 

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Phragmities Experiment

Lambton Shores Nature Trails initiated a three year experiment in the Port Frank's Forested Dunes  under authority of the property owner, Nature Conservancy of Canada. The basis of the research project is to see if a natural substance found in walnuts (juglone) has any effect in controlling the growth of phragmites.

Port Franks Trailhead

Phase 1 & 2 of the trailhead structure at the Port Franks Community Centre is now complete. The structure will serve as the focal point of  approximately 20 km of hiking trails in the Port Franks-Northville area.

Phase III will also commence this fall - included are:  landscaping with large boulders & native plants, a wheelchair-access path, overhead signage, large side-panels featuring native art, a trail map, the local history & natural heritage, as well as a 'Donor Recognition Tree'. Leaves will be added to the tree upon receipt of public and/or private donations.

Claim Your Award

We launched our badge program to reward those who hike all 7 Nature Trails in Lambton Shores & Vicinity and correctly answer each question to receive your FREE badge! 

Whistle Post

We are proud to have spearheaded the restoration of the "whistle post” along the Grand Trunk Trail in Forest. Whistle posts along the railways reminded steam locomotive engineers on the Grand Trunk Railway to sound the whistle at upcoming road crossings and other mileposts. This style of marker was first used in the mid-to-late 1800s. A historical plaque and landscaping will be added in the spring 2019.

Adopt A Road

We believe in being socially responsible and being part of the larger community "Beyond the Trails". In 2018, we became a proud member of the County of Lambton Adopt-A-Road Program; cleaning Bog Line from Northville Rd. to the county boundary.


Green Tunnel

LSNT celebrated Earth Day by planting 80 native trees to form a "Green Tunnel" around the Port Franks Community Centre. This event would not have been a success without the volunteers for planting, watering and applying mulch, co-sponsor Eco-Network for their generous donation, the Ausable Port Franks Optimists for providing drinks & snacks, Lambton Shores for transporting the trees & mulch, and;Walter Michelsens for augering the 80 holes!

Moonlight Hike

The first ever moonlight hike was a great success. 35 hikers traversed the Lambton Heritage Forest behind the community centre in Port Franks on a calm night. The group tried to find owls and listened to the complete silence of the woods. The hike had an international flare with hikers representing Holland, Germany, Philippines, Japan and Canada; many of whom were experiencing their first ever moonlight hike. The evening culminated with some hot apple cider and camaraderie of the evening hike.

Mystery Falls Benches

LSNT is pleased to announce that two benches have been installed at Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority Mystery Falls. Donated by Ross Atkinson, the benches are dedicated in the memory of his parents, both of whom were WWII veterans.

Pacific Crest Trail

LSNT hosted a special movie event at the Kineto Theatre in Forest! Producer Andy Laub (As It Happens Creative) generously gave us the permission to play his Pacific Crest Trail movie but also the unique opportunity to show the World Premiere of his upcoming movie on Hayduke.

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Forest Trailhead

LSNT coordinated the construction and installation of a trailhead structure in Forest that compliments the existing trail network to the west of town. The three-phase project began in 2017 to celebrate Canada's 150 birthday and will complete in 2018 with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Travel & Tourism Class

LSNT hosted a hike with the North Lambton Secondary School Travel & Tourism class. After spending time in the classroom informing about who we are and what we do, we escorted the class through the Ipperwash Dunes & Swales. 9 enthusiastic young men and women attended and learned about woodpecker holes, phragmites, trail head signs, blazes, etc. We hiked a total of 6.5 km on a beautiful day!


Ausable Cut Dock

Thanks to a generous grant from the Grand Bend Community Foundation, LSNT's partnership with the Ausable-Bayfield Conservation Authority, Exiplast of Huron Park and a group of dedicated LSNT volunteers, a floating dock is now available in the Ausable River Cut Conservation Area in Northville. Canoeists and kayakers can now launch their crafts in the 'Cut' to connect with hiking trails in Pinery Provincial Park, several nature trails in Port Franks and when water levels permit, the nature trails in the Ausable River Valley between Sylvan and Arkona.

Hike Leader Certification

LSNT hosted a Hike Leader Certification Course at the Port Franks Community Centre Optimist Hall. The instructor was Tom Frieson, President of Hike Ontario. Participants learned how to properly prepare and host hikes.

Optimist Youth Camp

LSNT volunteered at the Ausable Port Franks Optimist Arts and Nature Camp on August 8/9, 2016. The kids learned about being good stewards of the environment and about the trails. They spent time in the Ausable Cut CA doing interactive games and then a hike - a great day for all!​

Discover The Trails

LSNT launched a new website to help promote trails and hiking. Geared towards youth, this website makes learning about Nature, Wildlife and Trails fun! Visit it today:

Mystery Falls Parking Lot

The installation of a thick gravel surface on the new parking lot at Mystery Falls is now complete. We would like to thank the Municipality of North Middlesex for making this happen. There are now plenty of parking spots for hikers to get off the road - only a short distance west of the Mystery Falls Trail Head!!​​

Nature Appreciation Hike

The annual Nature Appreciation Hiker was held on a beautiful, sunny October day. The hike was held at the Ipperwash Dunes & Swales, a Nature Conservancy of Canada property. This was also a celebration of our 5 year anniversary as an organisation. A special thanks to Lambton Wildlife and its members who came out and participated in this year's event!


Nature Appreciation Hike

The 2015 Nature Appreciation Hike was held at 'L' Lake in Port Franks on September 12 on a beautiful, sunny, warm day. Hikers enjoyed walking the trails and seeing some fall colours.

Lookout Platform

The wheelchair accessible platform in the Ausable Cut Conservation Area (Port Franks) is now complete with the installation of handrails. Special thanks to Ralph McEachern from Art by 3. This project also included the building of the platform & ramp as well as a hard packed gravel walkway.


Congratulations to all of our supporters! Lambton Shores Nature Trails has been awarded the 2015 Carolinian Canada Group Conservation Award in recognition of an outstanding contribution towards the protection of the natural diversity and habitats of Ontario's Carolinian Life Zone

Bench Dedication

This bench was installed at 'L' Lake in Port Franks in memory of Jean Biehl who recently passed away at age of 104! Jean was an avid environmentalist who loved to walk and Port Franks was a very special place to her.